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Three years ago, when we founded Zwift, a lot of people told us we were nuts. There are simply not enough cyclists to build a long term business, they said. But being cyclists ourselves, we knew they were wrong. We knew that there is not a more vibrant, dedicated, passionate group of people in the world than the global community of cyclists. Moreover, we knew that this community was being woefully underserved when it came to riding indoors—remember how boring indoor training used to be? Your continuous feedback and awe-inspiring 147 million miles (237 million km) of riding—that’s 650 roundtrips to the moon—have helped us to shape the product as it stands today and what it will become tomorrow. Thank you.

We have come a long way with Zwift since the beta release, and we have some exciting things planned for the upcoming season. We just rolled out our lush new Mayan Ruins expansion of Watopia—currently my favorite stretch of road on Zwift—and we recently began piloting Group Workouts, which marry the social fun and motivation of group rides with the targeted training benefits of workouts—try one and let us know what you think. You’ll see even more events to choose from and new training plans are being added to our library. But we have so much more that we hope to deliver to you: new gameplay features, more maps and expansions to existing maps, improved social riding experiences, better guidance in reaching your training and fitness goals. The list goes on, and on.

The team too has grown. Every day we work at building the team that can bring you an awesome and constantly improving experience to help you improve your cycling performance and achieve your fitness goals. From a scrappy little team that could all fit around a table and share a meal, Zwift’s staff has grown to over a hundred people including programmers, artists, designers, testers, community managers, coaches, marketers, and an awesome support staff working to help Zwifters when they have questions.

In order to continue to make Zwift bigger, better and more beautiful, we are updating our membership price to ¥1500 per month, effective today. As a way of saying thank you, however, to the awesome Zwifters who helped us get here, your pricing will not change for one year. If you happen to suspend your membership during this period and come back, you can still enjoy your current pricing level. (Visit our FAQ for all the details.)

At Zwift, we take seriously our mission to help more and more Zwifters achieve their fitness goals by making training fun, rewarding, and effective — and we take great pleasure doing it. We are grateful to all of you, and we look forward to seeing you on Zwift!





チームも成長しました。毎日私たちはあなたのサイクリングパフォーマンスを向上させ、フィットネス目標を達成するのに役立つすばらしく、常に改善された経験をもたらすチームの構築に取り組んでいます。 Zwiftのスタッフは、プログラマー、アーティスト、デザイナー、テスター、コミュニティマネージャ、コーチ、マーケティング担当者、そして助けてくれる素晴らしいサポートスタッフを含めて100人以上に成長しています。

Zwiftをより大きく、より美しくするために、今日、会員価格を1500円/月に更新しました。しかし、ここまで来るのを助けてくれた素晴らしいZwiftersに感謝の言葉として、あなたの価格は1年間変わらないでしょう。この期間中に会員資格を停止して戻ってきた場合でも、あなたは現在の価格レベルを引き続き楽しむことができます。 (すべての詳細についてはFAQをご覧ください)